If you need loop animations for an animated GIF, or for anything else, you might already be familiar with the loopOut expressions in After Effects. That expression allows for quite a bit of control. What if you wanted to stagger some animation and loop it so that it looks a little more random? The loopOut expression might get a little more involved than you are willing to go.

If you want to make a looping GIF or just any loop to use in your animations, this After Effects tutorial is for you

Not to worry though. Why not just do it manually. All you need to do is shift over some keyframes, right? Well, in actuality that can be easier said than done, too. You might find it difficult to match the first and last frames, while still attaining an interesting loop.

Watch this latest Workbench tutorial from Joe Clay. Joe shows how you can easily create loop animations that have a bit f a stagger to them too. It’s an easy technique to do, and it also allows for complex loops.