How To Use Substance Integrations With Maya, Arnold

Allegorithmic makes some great tools for artists that have quickly become industry standard. Between Substance Designer, Painter, B2M, and Substance Source, It is a veritable playground for us creative types.

Substance tools can also have an integration for your favorite host 3D app. You can get Substance plugins for Houdini, Cinema 4D, Maya, and Modo. What the heck is a “substance” though? It’s a genius reinterpretation of the texture creation process. The Allegorithmic ecosystem all centers around their Substance technology, which offers a hybrid between procedural and bitmapped workflows.

Showing off one of the Substance integrations is Allegorithmic’s product manager for them, Wes McDermott. Wes offers us a look at using the Substance plugin in Autodesk Maya 2017, and again with the bundled Arnold Renderer. Wes covers creating custom substance materials as well as converting a metallic or rough substance using Maya nodes.

Two great videos if you want to know more about how substance integrates into Maya.