A Flexible Method for Creating Distressed Type With Fusion

A Blackbird Called Sue posts another tutorial showing off the capabilities of Black Magic Design Fusion. The tutorial walks through creating distressed type in Fusion, keeping things flexible so they can easily be changed.

Flexibility is one of the benefits of using a node based system such as Nuke or BMD Fusion. Still, there are some concerns with building things simply enough so that an average user can understand what is going on.

Here, The tutorial walks through the set up, that lets you create distressed type, with organic leafy bits, holes, pits and some glowing floaties. They type is created with the Text+ node, bringing that into 3D space using an image plane node. Adding a particle system and a background rounds out the requirements for the scene.

There are lots of great tips in this one throughout. Also, don’t forget that you can download a free version of Fusion to use whenever you like.