Animate a Head Turn With Two Different Timings

If you are just stating out with character animation, put this tutorial on your “to watch” list. 3D Character Animator Chiara Porri shows how you can animate a head turn under two different timings. Animation relies heavily on timing and spacing. Altering one or the other can give you a range of results. chasing the timing of a motion really changes the way that the animation is interpreted.

Chiara goes through some of the timing stuff, using animation timing charts that describe where the key poses, in-betweens and breakdown will be, for each head turn animation. There is even an exercise that goes along with this tutorial.

Chiara says “This exercise is perfect for BEGINNERS, you can learn how to manage Timing and Spacing on your character shot and also start to became familiar with character rig, facial expression and a bit of acting!”

If you want more tutorials like this, Chiara has some great ones for people who want to learn more about animation, or for people who want to up their current skill-set. She has covered creating a female walk cycle, and offered some great tips for animating a run cycle with intent and character in mind.

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