Kasper Larsson Offers Free Python for Maya 101 Course

Python is a great language to learn for scripting in 3D applications. Many apps, including Maya will allow for Python scripting. If you are trying to learn Python and Python for Maya, there is quite a bit of material floating around out there that can help. The problem is that a lot of the Python scripting material is missing context.

This is why Senior Asset and Tech Artist Kasper Larsson has created a course to help new users get started with Python for Maya. Kasper says on learning Python: “There is so much material online these days that finding the right information can be like looking for a needle in a haystack – in this simple introduction I take you through some of the simplest and most standard Python terms there are to know”.

Kasper characterizes the course as for “…anyone with an interest in giving them selves an edge and set them ahead of the curve. Knowing scripting is vital in todays film, game and commercial industry.”

That course is offered through Kasper’s manoanim.com portal. Visit the free courses section to get started.

Looking for more complete, packaged content like this to learn python? There is another couple and free course that you should definitely check out.

Independent custom tools developer Chris Zurbrigg has a great Beginning Python for Maya series that is designed for anyone who is new to Python and scripting in Maya.