Controlling Dynamics Easily With the Mograph Selection Tag

Dynamics are always great fun to produce and to watch play out in 3D. They can be notoriously difficult to control if you are trying to get something very specific. Being able to art-direct dynamics is something that is more than a requirement if you are tying to get some work done.

how to control exactly which of your clones behave dynamically, which of them act as collider bodies, and which of them to completely ignore

If you are masterminding the destruction of buildings, walls or any other objects in Cinema 4D, it can be difficult to control what is supposed to come apart at what time. There is a method that will allow you to control which Mograph Clones can behave dynamically, which act as colliders and which can be ignored.

3D Artist Noah Witchell shows how you can get better control over dynamics by using the Mograph Selection Tag in C4D. You can get an extra layer of control over the dynamics in the scene with selection tags. The Mograph selection tag changes slightly depending on what object you add it to. This is a great way to designate which objects will receive dynamics and which will be passive.