A Quick Introduction to HDRI With Corona C4D

Render Legion posts a look into using HDRI lighting with Corona C4D, covering everything you need to know to get started. All render engines will allow you to insert an HDR image as a background that can also be used for lighting. The more dynamic the range of tones in the image, the better the lighting in the scene.

How to use HDRIs for lighting and backgrounds

The tutorial covers adding a sky with an HDR image in the emission slot of a corona light material, and how to place the HDR for best results. In corona, you can use a filter for more control over the HDR’s gamma, contrast and color, before it goes to renderer.

The tutorial also covers a workflow that uses more than one HDR image in a scene — one as a background image and another to lighting the scene. In Corona C4D, you can make the skies order independent by using the two Corona Compositing Tags. Visit Render Legion for more information and to download Corona for Cinema 4D.