Everything You Need to Know About MASH Dynamics

Here is an in-depth look at new MASH dynamics features from Ian Waters in the latest release of Autodesk Maya. Watch a series of 10 videos that cover how to set up MASH for dynamics, and how to create more interesting effects using constraints, masks, motors and forces.

Learn how to easily add dynamics to a MASH network in Maya 2018

Maya 2018 added nice new features to the motion graphics toolkit, of which perhaps MASH dynamics is the most exciting to start using right away. The new dynamics node lets you easily add dynamics to MASH networks or polygon objects, that are handled by Bullet physics.

Impressively, MASH can easily push lots of objects with dynamics, and is quite responsive. Simple setups can playback interactively and in real time. Ian talks through many of the features of MASH dynamics, including some of the really neat things you can do with constraints, like telling MASH to add constraints after objects or dynamics have been created. This can lead to some really insane MASH dynamics simulations. Really cool!