Getting Started With Armatures in BforArtists

Even though some find Blender’s user interface and experience a cacophony, I stand by the fact that it is an amazing piece of kit for a free and open source tool. If you identify with being more of a designer than a 3D artist, then Blender might not be your cup of tea. Still, if you want to get into using more 3D elements in your work, there is an alternative. BforArtists is a branch of Blender that has been modified to be much more user friendly towards artists and designers. It is the complete Blender suite of tools that is re-skinned to appeal to artists rather than developers.

BforArtists offers a bunch of quick-start tutorials that can get you up and running. The latest, include a look into getting started with armatures, simple rigs, IK chains and animation — The foundation of all character work. Interesting to see the differences in usability between Blender and Bforartists!

Remember, BforArtists is free, so if you want to learn more, or download and use it, visit its home here.