BforArtists Tames Blender’s UI With Improved Usability for Artists

If you are an artist that wants to get into 3D, you are probably familiar with the barrier. Diving into 3D from a 2D world can be a bit disorienting, and not just by 3D space. Most 3D applications tout that they are easy to use, and certainly some are much more “artist” friendly than others. Still, making the switch from 2D tools and workflows to 3D ones can be a solid uphill climb for some. Bforartists might change that.

Blender is Free, Why Not Learn It?

An application like Blender can wash away the financial risk form learning 3D. The burden of investing both time and money shrinks down to just time, as Blender is free and open source. That doesn’t make it any easier to learn though.

Blender really is an amazing prince of software. It holds its own, almost toe-to-toe with more expensive tools on the market. There is a bit of clutter to wade through, not just in the user interface, but also user experience. If you are an artist that wants to focus more on the creative process rather than all the technical bits, you need to take a look at Bforartists.

A More Artist Friendly Approach

Bforartists offers the complete 3D art pipeline from modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, and animation, all the way to final rendering. It’s a fork of the Blender software. The only difference is that Bforartists’ focus is on the artist not the programmer.


The primary goal of the Bforartists fork is to deliver a better graphical UI and a better usability. This means a complete switch in the usage philosophy. Bforartists steps away from the hotkey and speed centered usage and leans more towards a user friendly and intuitive graphical UI. It carries the look and feel of some familiar tools that artists already would use.

Visit the home of Bforartists to see the features, and to download a copy. This might be the thing you have been waiting for to get into 3D.