Create a Halftone projection With VEX and VOPs in Houdini

Entagma’s Moritz Schwind covers a nice shoot-out between Side FX Houdini VEX and VOPs. The duel comes in the form of how to create a rasterized halftone projection effect that is mixed with perspective projection.

Halftone rasterization breaks down an image into dots. Those dots all have a varying size that come together to create the illusion of different scales of grey. Forced perspective is a technique that is used in practical visual effects. It is a camera trick that makes things much larger than they physically are. The two effects come together to create this optical illusion, a halftone projection effect within Houdini.

Moritz covers creating the effect once in VEX and then again using Houdini VOPs. This answers the questions as to “Why Entagma favors and focuses on VEX” over anything else in Houdini.

You can download the project file for the effect by visiting Entagma.