How To Get Silky Smooth Surfaces With RealFlow & C4D

The RenderKing Alessandro Boncio Shows Us How to Get a Perfectly Smooth Surface in RealFlow for Cinema 4D

Ever wonder how more viscous simulations in VFX, like honey are produced? The short answer is obviously through some sort of fluid simulation system, like RealFlow and shader setup that can offer all the visual cues of honey. But there is much more to it than that. The simulation itself needs to have cleaned and smooth surfaces and this can be difficult to achieve.

If you are using RealFlow Cinema 4D, then you can follow along with the RenderKing, Alessandro Boncio as he hawks through creating a great-looking fluid simulation of dripping honey. Spoiler alert: It’s silky smooth!

Alessandro uses Octane to render the final scene. If you are curious as to how the shaders were set up for the project, they are taken from The RenderKing $59.00 Octane Material Pack that is a library of 100, shaders using 4k textures.