Removing Wrinkles With Fusion Studio’s New Planar Tracker

VFX Artist Sander de Regt Shows How to Do Some Beauty Work in Fusion Using the New Planar Tracker

Tracking is an important part of doing any kind of beauty work in visual effects. Now with Fusion’s addition of a planar tracker, this can be much simpler. Fusion has always had a point tracking system, which is a great general purpose way to track elements in a shot. The addition of a planar tracker will make it much easier to track more complicated situations where a point tracker may fail.

One thing a planar tracker is good for, is to track parts of a face that can later be augmented to replaced — Perfect for beauty work. VFX Artist Sander de Regt walks us through the process in Fusion Studio. If you are coming from After Effects, this is a great presentation showing the approach in Fusion.

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