Keying With Fusion: Fixing a Real-World Light Wrap

Simon Ubsdell Share a Very Useful Method for Dealing With Edges that are Affected Too Much by Natural Light Wrap

Tokyo Production’s Simon Ubsdell walks through a useful technique for getting rid of an on-set light wrap effect when keying in Blackmagic Design’s Fusion.

Compositors often find themselves working a light wrap into a composite to make the keyed elements look like they sit in the plate much better. What about if the element you are trying to key already has a wrap, and it’s way too much? How do you get rid of that? Everyone has their own techniques. Here, Ubsdell shows one that he uses quite often. “…There are many uses for this versatile technique which is well worth knowing”. Ubsdell says.

This is the third part of a series of advanced keying tutorials for Fusion users. Check out the previous two below.