3 Simple Steps to Create Type Made of Stone in Cinema 4D

3D Designer Sean Dove Shows How You can Use the New Detailing and Glue Options in C4D’s Voronoi Fracture to Create Epic Type of Stone

Want to add some interest to type? 3D Artist Sean Dove shows how you can create type that looks like it was made of stone, or composed of boulders. Dove was looking for a way to not only create type that looked like it was made of rock, but also a method that allows for the flexibility of changing the type easily. “I was stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to come up with a way to create text that looked like it was made up of boulders but still have full control to swap out the text at any point” Dove says.

Lucky Cinema 4D R19 has just the tools to help make that flexibility a reality. Watch Dove’s short 16 minute tutorial that shows how you can use the new detailing and glue options in the new Voronoi fracture tool, to create the epic look of type set in stone. Dove also walks through lighting, texturing and rendering for the final result.