How to Create Edge Wear With Substance Painter Anchor Points

Substance Painter Anchor Points and References Make it Easy to Create Edge Wear and Other Adjustments in Your Project

The latest release for Substance Painter brought a really important, and really powerful feature: Anchor Points and References. Anchor Points in SP offers a way that you can reference any resource or element in the layer stack for another purpose or adjustment. It’s a really great way to set up a system where things can automatically happen, like instantly creating edge wear for painted normals and hight details that will drive filters and generators.

Matthias Pieroth from Jayanam Games, offers a look into how to use SP’s Anchor Points feature to apply an edge wear to a metallic surface, just by painting with normal textures. The Anchor Point system might seem overly complex at first, as there are a few steps in the setup. Once you understand the compacts though, you will find that it is a really powerful and amazing feature.