Create a Quick, Controllable Rope in Houdini

Kundan Shares an Interesting Method for Modeling Lengths of Controllable Rope in Houdini Using Lines & a Sweep Node

Rope. That tricky object that everyone seems to have a unique technique to build. Not only do you need the model to look braided, but you also need it to have some controls and some UV’s. If you are working with Side FX Houdini, keeping the rope procedural is much easier than it would be with other applications. Still, with all those requirements, it’s no wonder that the topic of creating controllable rope gets covered quite a bit.

Adding his unique method to the mix is 3D Artist Kundan, who shares a quick and easy technique for creating controllable rope in Houdini. Kundan shows how you can create replicated objects to use as a guide for lines, and then sweep those lines into your rope shape. Kundan says he took inspiration from a tutorial where Mix Training showed how to create Procedural Rope and a Dynamic FEM Version too. Always good to see other solutions for the same kind of work!