Recreating a Title Animation With Fusion

Thennika Creations Has a Look at Creating a Popular Title Animation Sequence in Fusion

I’m not a big fan of “recreation” style of tutorials. However, if you are looking to understand more about how to incorporate Fusion with a motion graphics workflow, this two-part tutorial by Thennika Creations is for you.

The tutorial covers recreating the “Stranger Things” title sequence, which, in itself is a relatively straightforward thing to animate. Thennika walks through how to style type with Blackmagic Design Fusion on a character level. Watching how animation gets completed like this in Fusion is an excellent way for After Effects users to find bearings in Fusion with new node-based concepts and workflows.

Fusion has a free version that you can download to follow along with, and use to learn nodal compositing and motion graphics. Certainly worth looking into if you want to diversify yourself out of After Effects.