World Machine to Redshift Cinema 4D Workflow

Artist Jean-Marc Denis Shows How to Create Terrain Maps With World Machine and Render Them With Redshift in C4D

Trying to get Redshift’s displacement node to work with terrain maps that World Machine generated? Designer Jean-Marc Denis was too. Sharing how that all works, Jean-Marc covers how to get amazingly detailed renders out of Redshift for Cinema 4D, which use maps generated from World Machine.

Create terrain maps in WorldMachine. Use them in Redshift for C4D using the displacement node

WorldMachine is a powerful node-based environment creation tool, letting users create procedural terrains quickly and easily. You can build and export high-resolution heightfields, textures, and meshes to use in your favorite DCC.

If you have never used WM before, Jean-Marc walks through everything starting from scratch to final render in Cinema 4D, using the Redshift renderer.