Tips for Creating Extruded Offset Cuts Fusion 360

Extruded Offset Cuts in Fusion 360 Are Easy… Until They’re Not

Have you ever had a warning message from Fusion 360 while creating details on a model? Seeing the warning “the operation could not create a valid result” might mean that you’ve backed yourself into a corner. If you were trying to create extruded offset cuts into a model, then Youtube user “name notimportant” can show you some tricks for getting out of the mess that you’ve made for yourself.

The tutorial looks at some of the problems that you might encounter when creating extruded offset cuts, and how to look for alternative paths to take when the first way doesn’t work out for you. The walkthrough starts off pretty basic but gets more challenging as it goes — Covering surfacing and T-Splines later on.

If you use Fusion 360 as a supplement to your modeling work, this is a great tutorial to watch for some more sharp tips and tricks.