Motion Designer Joe Clay Explores Some Techniques for Creating a Cleaner, Better Parallax Effect in After Effects

Workbench’s Joe Clay looks at a simple technique to fly through or over still images while still having them look like they are a 3D scene. After Effects makes creating a parallax effect easy, just by adding 2D images into 3D space and animating a camera through it. Still, there are ways to improve the look of the effect.

“Our version is built in the traditional way—masking parts out of layers and putting them into 3D space,” joe Clay says. Adding layers of atmospheric elements such as particulate in the air can add to the realism. Using After Effects Optics Compensation effect can also help by curving the edges of the scene. A subtle change like that can make it look like you are moving through the scene, rather than just scaling the individual pieces. Some helpful tips in this one!