Rope Rig for Maya Gets Cleaner, Lighter, and Simpler

Brent Forrest Updates His Rope Rig for Maya to be Lighter and Easier to Use, and More Ropey Than Ever

Animator Brent Forrest has updated his Rope Rig for Maya with some “under the hood” improvements. That includes a speed increase and a smaller file footprint. Rope Rig is a simple rope asset for animation and modeling. The rig facilitates changes to length, thickness, and twist, all in one easy to use element, and it’s something that Brent references the time in his work. “I use this all the time, and it’s the foundation for my more complex effect rigs,” Brent says

Version 2 sees a lot of clean up of antiquated code and techniques. “I’ve finally gone in there and updated the rig, got rid of my sloppy 2000 era rigging and overall made the rig cleaner, lighter, simpler and more ropey than ever.” Forrest continues.

Rope Rig Pro 2 for Maya only costs $5 — Learn more here.