Create and Render a Splash Effect With Blender

Gleb Alexandrov Shows an Easy Way to Create a Splash Effect using Particles Instead of Fluids

Blender has a capable fluid simulation system right out of the box. It’s great for a variety of effects like smoke, water or even fire. The doesn’t mean that is the only way to create these kinds of effects. In fact, there are a few ways. Likely the easiest way is to use particles, and this is what Gleb Alexandrov walks us through in his latest tutorial that creates a splash effect.

What’s the easiest way to create a paint splash effect in Blender?

Gleb shows us how to use Blender Particles and force fields to create that recognizable splash effect of two fluidic shapes that come together. Particles are perfect for this because they render fast and are reasonably straightforward to use.

Particles are only part of the equation, you need to have a method that will give the particles solid form, and for that Gleb uses Blender’s Metaballs. Blender’s Principled Shader takes care of the materials needed for the final render.