C4D Scripting for People Who Don’t Know Python

Billy Chitkin Shows C4D Scripting Without Any Formal Python Knowledge.

Scripting in any application can be a game changer when it comes to workflow. As artists, we are not always adept at fourth-level languages, even though they are pretty close to natural English. If you work in Cinema 4D, you can increase your productivity and efficiency by making scripts that can function very much like Macros, or photoshop actions. You can even trigger the scripts by setting hotkeys for them.

Offering a basic introduction to the Script Log and Script Manager in Cinema 4D is Billy Chitkin. He shows how anyone can start making scripts for C4D without having any knowledge of Python, but by using the commands from the Script Log. You will feel more productive just watching this short 17-minute tutorial.

Billy Chitkin is a Freelance 3D Designer / Animator based in Detroit, Michigan.