Ways to Optimize Resolve 15’s Fusion Layout

Andrew Hazelden Has a Quick Look at Resolve 15’s Fusion Layout, Showing Ways to Optimize Sprawling Composites.

Blackmagic Design’s Resolve now has parts of Fusion built right in. If you are just getting started with both resolve and Fusion, it might be a good idea to understand how you can manage the many nodes that inevitably will be part of compositing. Andrew Hazelden offers some quick insights into working with the Fusion Page within Resolve 15 and explores ways to optimize the Fusion layout by using view layouts.

It’s a great way to see a better overview of nodes in the Fusion Page when working with substantial and sprawling composites. Davinci Resolve is quickly becoming much more than a color grading tool. It has become a finishing station where you can edit, color correct, do audio post and now visual effects through Fusion.