Create an Audio Spectrum Visualizer With Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa Shows How to Create an Audio Spectrum Visualizer Animation Using Houdini CHOPs.

An audio visualizer can hold a lot of visual impact in animation, and they can also provide exercise in skill-building to create. It’s a topic that has been visited again and again in the After Effects and Cinema 4D motion graphics communities, but rarely with Side Effects Houdini. Watch Junichiro Horikawa work through how to create an Audio Visualizer using CHOPs.

Admittedly, Horikawa notes that Houdini might not be the best for a task like this, but it’s an exciting endeavor nonetheless. You can download the Houdini project to tinker around with here.

A while back, Motion Design Artist, Danil Krivoruchko had his take on audio driven animation Houdini. Danil shows how to use sound to drive deformations on a cloth simulation, essentially making a character’s clothes the audio spectrum in the scene.