Simon Russell Makes Music from Geometry in Houdini

London based Motion Design & Animation Director Simon Russell has had a long standing fasciation between the interaction of sound and shape. This forms the basis of his experiments that use Side FX Houdini. Instead of the standard “audio reactive geometry”, which we have seen many times before, this is quite the opposite.

Simon’s experiments are geometry triggered audio. Shapes and mathematically derived animation are assigned tones. With the example above, the colliding particles create an audio pulse that is based on their height. The audio is also generated from the intermittent burst of particles.

The basic elements are exported from Houdini into Cinema 4D where cloners and splines are used to create additional geometry for the final rendering.

Check out many more of Simon’s geometry driven audio studies here.


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  1. Hi here is an exiting presentation on the Blender Conference 2016.
    (Text is from the website)

    Oscilloscope Music and Blender

    Hansi spent the last two years programming a “3d oscilloscope music” synthesizer, a musical genre that does not (yet) really exist. The challenge is to craft special stereo waveforms that appear as geometric shapes when viewed in an x-y plot such as an oscilloscope or a vector scope.

    Blender objects and animations are used as the main source of timbre and geometry.

    The application is created in accord with Jerobeam Fenderson, and will be released at the same time as his album “Oscilloscope Music”.

    A demo of the music begins around 13:30min.

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