MRfrukta REEL 2018

With ❤ Alex Frukta  —


Instead introduction. I finished my real.
Invite everyone for watching.

This is a several years of my search for solutions in design and animation of personal and commercial projects.
I forgot about many, but took them from the dusty shelves and carefully put them on the timeline to show them together.
With sounding I was helped by a magnificent Ars (Cosmic Setter) I advise him to all who searches for the music person.
Understanding and loving sound Ars, thanks!

And thanks to Irisha, Gleb Koksharov, Arseniy Vesnin, Vova Tomin, Alex Mikhailov and Max Cherednikov, Vasily Filatov, Yura Pelin, Peter Solovey, Nikanorov Max, Kostya Groznov, Alex Seven, Max Ali, Kostya Bolimond, Artem Ignatiev, Yura Narvin,
Pavel Karykhalin….thanks to whole Stereotactic mob,
and thanks to many and many.

Jule 2018.