How To Hand Animate A Liquid Splash Effect in Animate CC

Alice Markham Shows How to Create Frame by Frame Animation for a Liquid Splash Effect using Animate CC.

Flash may be dead, but not for animation. Quite a few motion designers still use Flash, or it’s the latest incarnation, Adobe Animate CC for its ability to animate in a more traditional style. With Zulu8’s most recent tutorial, animator Alice Markham walks through how she approaches creating liquid splash effects.

The tutorial covers the base animation which uses simple keys with Adobe After Effects which deals with the type animation and general movements. For the splash effect, Markham uses Animate CC and works on the 2’s. If you have never created traditional animation before, Animate CC is an excellent choice for that workflow, with its onion skinning abilities, and easy drawing tools. Watching hand animation created by the hands of a professional like Markham is always helpful plus inspiring. If you are looking for more of that check out Tracey Strong how does a lot of traditional style animation in Toon Boom.