Breaking Down a Hand Drawn Mograph Animation in Fusion

Tony Gallardo and Juan Salvo Breakdown How to Create a Motion GRaphics Piece With a Hand Drawn Look in Fusion.

Without looking too intently, you would be hardpressed to find motion graphics tools other than After Effects and Cinema 4D. Of course, there are plenty of others out there, and a forerunner for motion graphics workflow is Blackmagic Design’s Fusion. A high-end node-based tool that has areal and honest to goodness unified 3D environment, lots of users and 3rd party support, as well as being incredibly fast.

San Antonio based Director, Editor, and Creative, Tony Gallardo often posts motion graphics or mograph animation tutorials that focuses on using Fusion. A new video has Tony Gallardo, and Juan Salvo breaks down a graphics animation that has a handcrafted, hand drawn style.

“The sharp and talented Juan Salvo and I discuss a motion graphics piece I created in Blackmagic Design’s Fusion,” Tony says. “It’s a simple piece that has a beautiful handcrafted/drawn feeling. Nothing fancy, but still a lot to glean from our discussion together.”

Check out the vid that ends up being a great talk on how you can use Fusion for MoGraph in this (mostly) unedited video.