How to Create a UV-Based WetMap Side FX Houdini

FX TD Fabricio Chamon shows how to create a UV-based wetmap in Houdini that is independent of a geometry’s resolution.

Maps really drive a lot of 3D work from a cavity, occlusion, and normal maps to wetmaps for dynamic effects. It is the latter that FX TD Fabricio Chamon offers some insights into with his latest tutorial. Chamon shows how to create and use wetmaps in SideFX Houdini. Chamon’s technique for creating the valued map is completely independent of geometry resolution, which is a nice touch.

Through the tutorial, Chamon shows how to create UV points and project them onto the geometry that will create the effect. The tutorial then shows how to create the wetmap solver and transfer its output point attributes to a 2D volume or VOP in Houdini. You can use wetmaps to drive all kinds of effects in 3D, and Fabricio briefly covers one of them here.

Fabricio Chamon is a freelance FX TD and Generalist that has over 12 years experience working in the VFX Industry. Support him on Patreon!