How to Extend a Set using the Cinema 4D Camera Calibrator

Robert Hranitzky covers perspective camera matching for a VFX shot in C4D using the Camera Calibrator tools.

Cinema 4D offers some great tools centered around visual effects. One of the most useful is the camera calibrator tool that lets you easily create matching cameras for footage or still images – Perfect for creating set extensions and matte paintings. Watch Robert Hranitzky’s excerpt taken from his talk at IBC Amsterdam where he shows how to use the camera calibrator tools in a VFX set extension.

Hranitzky shows how you can match the perspective of a shot so that your camera in C4D matches it exactly. ” I am showing real production techniques actually used in the making of a short film to extend a set,” Hranitzky says about his talk. There is more to the tutorial than just camera matching. “As a bonus, you will also see Shadow Catchers and how to light the scene using geo-coordinates + time & date info in conjunction with Cinema 4D’s Physical Sky to recreate the exact sun position from the original shoot.”