RampWeights Lets You Split Deformer Weights in Maya

BraveRabbit’s rampWeights node give fast access to splitting blend shape targets using an axis-based ramp.

Ingo Clemens and Brave Rabbit are on a quest to update all their tools for Maya 2019. While on that quest, they are also making the tools open source as they go. The latest to benefit from this quest is the rampWeights node. The node comes as a standalone or as part of the SHAPES suite of tools.

The ramp weights node gives you fast access to splitting blend shape targets or weighted deformers along any axis. You can control the split by a number of attributes. The attributes can define the split width and position which even can be used for animation effects. Each ramp weights node allows for controlling any number of deformers in Maya.

“The open source release of the plug-in is mainly to give people easier access to the node without having to fully commit to using the blend shape editor SHAPES.” Ingo writes. The rampWeights node is also part of the SHAPES plug-in braverabbit.com/shapes/, our advanced blend shape editor for Maya. If you have the SHAPES Blend Shape Editor installed it’s not necessary to download this newer version of the plug-in.

Learn more about rampWeights node for Maya here.