An Easy Way to Load a SynthEyes Camera Track Into Resolve

Andrew Hazelden shows how to get a SynthEyes camera track into Resolve 15’s Fusion tab.

Blackmagic Design’s Resolve 15 includes Fusion, an incredibly fast and node based compositor as part of the package. That makes Resolve a one-stop-shop for all things color correcting, editing and visual effects, in one application. If you find yourself wanting to get into using Resolve (which has a capable free version) You’d be happy to know that Resolve/Fusion can work with your workflow apps too.

Visual Effects Artist Andrew Hazelden demonstrates one workflow with both resolve and SynthEyes, showing how to bring in a solved camera track into the Fusion page of Resolve. Andrew quite often shares workflow techniques and tips for working with both Fusion and Resolve. Be sure to visit his Youtube Channel for more, here.