Origami for Nuke Helps Transform Models to Low Poly

Nuke Gizmo Origami is a helpful tool for working with 3D geometry.

What started as a “just for fun” tool for Mark Joey Tang eventually turned into something that has practical uses. Origami is a free gizmo for Nuke that can create the low polygon look in 3D meshes without leaving the application. It also has a lot of other uses in the 3D workflow.

Origami can help to build geometry patches for scattering objects in Nuke or rebuild a dense wireframe model coming from a polygon-ladened photo-scanned object. You can also use the gizmo to clone high-end geometry to low-end geometry for a patch or 3D reference or to create mesh animation that has to interact with other things in the scene – such as saliva from a monster, sticky mud from shoes, water, mimic cloth, etc.

Check out Origami on Nukepedia here.

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