Make Blender’s Array Modifier More Interesting

Dimitris Christou Shows How to Get More Interesting Results With Blender’s Array Modifier by Stacking Them.

The array modifier in Blender is a relatively simple tool to use. If you need to create copies of a base object forming an array from it is the way to go. The MOdifier is excellent for creating repetitive bits in a model or even to create abstract works of art. Did you know that you can stack arrays in Blender though? Being that it is, in fact, a modifier, you can add more, and this opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

Watch this short quick tips tutorial from Freelance 3D Artist, Dimitris Christou as he shows what’s possible when working with the Array Modifier, stacking and offsetting them to make them much more interesting.

Taking array’s a step further, Chipp Walters shows how you can use a simple array in Blender along with some curves to create a more flexible dynamically driven array system.