How to Use Corona Materials and C4D Hair to Create Grass

Shawn Astrom how you can use the Corona standard material applied to a hair object to create some lush looking grass.

Corona for Cinema 4D is in beta, and new features are coming all the time. ONe of the latest additions is the ability to add a standard corona material to a hair object in Cinema 4D. Not only is this excellent news for characters, but also for creating environments too. Check out this short tutorial from Shawn Astrom who offers some insights into making grass using the latest Corona Render build for C4D.

The tutorial covers making a lush grass patch from scratch using the hair object. Also included is how to add color variation and other subtle changes to the grass blades to add more realism. Corona Renderer for C4D released some time in January and it brings all the power of the renowned Corona Renderer engine to Cinema 4D users.