How to Create a Shadow Play With C4D

Michael de Meyer shows how to create a shadow play or shadow puppet look in C4D.

Shadow play, or also known as shadow puppetry, is a form of storytelling and entertainment that uses cut-out forms held between a light source and a translucent screen to create moving shadows.
Here, 3D artist Michael de Meyer shows how to create that shadow play effect using Cinema 4D and octane.

The light source in the tutorial takes on a unique look by using a sphere with an emissive material applied. The screen, or skrim, uses a paper texture that makes use of the transmission setting in the material. The result is a nice looking shadow play theatre look.

Michael de Meyer works out of Munich, Germany as a professional Film Editor / 3D Artist for over 13 years. Meyer does lots of advertisement (BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Redbull, etc.), but also Television stuff and has won national and international prizes for his work.