How to Get Better-Looking Skin With the Octane Standard Surface in C4D

New Plastic revisits the details for skin texturing using Octane’s Standard Surface Material in Cinema 4D.

Skin is one of those things that’s hard to create in 3D simply because so many components and subtleties go into a material like that. A while ago, New Plastic showed how you can build hyper-realistic skin in Cinema 4D using Octane, and now it revisits making skin with the Octane standard surface.

Guy revisits skin texturing using Octane’s Standard Surface material with his latest tutorial. The previous tutorial used Octane’s Universal material.

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Check out this tutorial from Morgraph+, which shows an approach to creating realistic skin shaders with Arnold in Maxon Cinema 4D using some readily available assets.

Check out this tutorial and walkthrough from Lead Character Artist Jason Hill, who covered the techniques to create skin textures using Adobe Substance 3D Painter.