How to Build a Bulge Deformer Compound With Bifrost

Learn how to make a basic bulge deformer compound with Maya’s new Bifrost Graph.

You’ve probably looked at a few Maya’s Bifrost vids and displayed both excitement and perplexity at the same time. Bifrost is a new visual programming graph that lets you combine nodes ranging from math operations to simulations to create effects. Many will remember this type of environment back in the day with Softimage ICE. While incredibly powerful, Bifrost, like ICE, requires a bit of a different way of thinking, especially if you are not a TD by trade. The rest of us can get started with this new mindset by watching this tutorial on how to make a bulge deformer.

The Maya Learning Channel posts a look at how to create a basic deformer from scratch in Bifrost. Like all Bifrost compounds, you can download and share effects easily, including this simple bulge deformer.