Get Started Using Bifrost Graph With These Basics

Steven Roselle covers the basics for working with the new Bifrost Graph in Maya.

Autodesk’s Steven Roselle shares a three-[art look into some of the basics for working with the new Bifrost graph and Bifrost extension in Maya. Bifrost is not only a set of fluid solvers, but it is also a visual effects programming environment in Maya. The new Bifrost allows you to create effects using a node-based workflow.

Bifrost lets you create custom effects, publish them, or share them with artists so they can use them across different shots, scenes, and even shows. There are a few preset setups that you can use, but Autodesk is also rolling out a ton of pre-built graphs to help you get started. In the meantime, check out Roselle’s handy basics tutorial that covers everything you need to get you experimenting with the Bifrost Graph.