Working With the Construct Mesh Node in Bifrost

Loic Pinsard shows how to create meshes with the Construct Mesh node in Bifrost.

Maya Bifrost offers some nodes for working with mesh conversions. Artists can convert meshes, points, and particles to volumes or, turn volumes back to meshes. Check out this tutorial from Lead Tech Animator Loic Pinsard who shows how to make meshes using the Construct Mesh node in Maya Bifrost.

Pinsard covers a look into how to create polygons from points using Bifrost. The tutorial covers how to understand better vertex order and how it relates to creating objects. Maya Bifrost lets you generate custom effects in a node-based environment allowing users to publish and share those effects with other artists. There is no limit to what’s possible. There are a few preset setups that you can use, but Autodesk is also rolling out a ton of pre-built graphs to help you get started.