All About Instancing and Scattering in Bifrost Graph

Phil Radford shows how to work with instancing and scattering in Maya’s Bifrost.

Scattering in Maya. There are lots of ways that you can scatter objects about a scene in Maya. You have the choice to use MASH, xGen, or even old-school instancing through the geometry brush or nDynamics. Now you can add another way, and that’s using the Maya Bifrost Graph. 

Check out this new tutorial from The Maya Guy Phil Radford that shows us how.

Radford’s tutorial covers creating instances and scatters them across a surface using the Bifrost Graph. The scattering is also nondestructive utilizing this technique because Bifrost is a node-based system. Radford notes that there is one drawback “Currently, it only supports one shader per mesh, but changes are coming shortly.”