Free Script Makes a Separator Null in C4D’s Object Manager

Free Script Makes a Separator Null in C4D's Object Manager

Separator Null helps to organize the C4D Object Manager in a simple but profound way.

Keeping organized when working with large scenes and many objects is essential. Recently newer versions of Cinema 4D took strides to make it easier to manage objects and in turn your scene. The object Manager in R21 can use custom object icons which can go a long way to getting an overview of what’s happening. If that’s not enough for you, then check out this new free Python script from Arttu Rautio, a Finland based digital artist and an award-winning post-production supervisor.

Separator Null does what it says on the tin. The script is a Python tag that will use a null object as an object manager separator. Change separator’s name in Null object’s User Data and select style and width as you wish. The script works with Cinema 4D’s default UI font: Segoe UI, Regular 11. That font is a monospace one, so Arttu had to make some tweaks. “I had to go through each letter, number, and symbol and gave them a custom weight. Weighting is not perfect, but it is better than nothing.”

Get Separator Null here.