Noel Powell shows how to create a thickening growing vine in Ae using Write On.

There are undoubtedly a lot of growing stroke and paint write-on tutorials out there for after effects. Most of them don’t really cover how to make a stroke grow in the other direction too. Check out this tutorial by Noel Powell from Creation Effects that shows how to make a thickening vine in After Effects.

A super-simple way to do this is to use the Write-On effect in Ae. That will take care of the growing vine effect. To make the vine get thicker as time goes on, you can use a simple choker effect. Noel mentions that you can pick up Creation Effects growing flourishes collection that offers a fast way to get started with any type of flourish.

The “Growing Flourishes Collection” is an After Effects template that includes an extensive library of growing elements like grass, branches, leaves, vines, and more. You can easily customize the flourishes and combine them to create beautiful, more complicated designs.