Working With VDB Clouds in Bifrost Graph

Maximilian Schönherr walks through the basics of working with VDB clouds in Maya Bifrost.

While Autodesk Maya already had a VDB workflow, the latest release made it much more flexible. Maya added a bunch of VDB nodes to the newly minted Bifrsot Graph. Have a look at Uhr (Maximilian Schönherr) work through all the basics of working with VDB clouds in Bifrost, experimenting with openVDB cloud files.

VDB Workflows often require re-meshing or converting, and there were a few ways to deal with that in previous versions of Maya. SOuP offered a VDB node that allowed you to work with volumes, as did earlier versions of Bifrost. The latest iteration of Bifrost comes with a few new nodes that help artists convert between meshes, points, and volumes to create artistic effects.