How to Create Procedural Drool With Houdini

Sharan Vaswani shows the basic ideas used in movies like Hellboy to create procedural drool and saliva effects.

Nothing brings a character to life more than the finer details like muscles, skin, and smaller things, sticky lips, like saliva and drool. 

Check out this walkthrough by Sharan Vaswani, who is an FX TD at Rythm and Hues. Vaswani shows some of the concepts he used when creating the saliva for movies like Hellboy (2019) and Manikarnika: Queen of Jhansi (2019). 

“The main goal was to be able to Art Direct everything anytime, as there were over 14 shots where the Supervisor and Director had particular notes,” Vaswani says about the process. Having drool effects generated procedurally is pretty amazing.