How to Composite Vray Render Elements in Fusion

Mograph+ offers a beginner’s guide to composite Vray render elements with Fusion.

Rendering could be as simple as hitting a button, or as complex as setting render elements and AOVs only to rebuild the image once more, this time with a compositing application. What’s the best apporach? While render output is relatively standardized, various renders all have their own methods for output and composite.

Vray Render Elements in Fusion.

A new tutorial from Mograph+ offers up a pretty good beginner’s guide to composite Vray render elements using Fusion studio. The tutorial works with 3DS Max. However, Vray is pretty much the same on all host DCC’s so you can follow along with your favorite.

Mograph+ and Kamel Khezri cover working with a lot of render engines, from Corona to Arnold, to V-Ray.