Build Responsive Layouts in Ae With RigtRect

Arne Breusing’s After Effects Script RigtRect creates responsive layouts using two nulls.

We’ve all seen those dynamic layouts in motion design where one section of the screen takes over while the other parts recede. If you are an After Effects user, you know how hard this type of ting is without third party help or knowledge of scripting.

RigtRect Builds Responsive Layouts.

A new tool from Arne Breusing, lets users span rectangles in Adobe After Effects between two controller layers. The script allows a simple and easy workflow for building dynamic and flexible layouts with a few clicks.

How it Works.

Select the layer you want to rig, select the anchor point position, and create the rig with the click of a button. The tool builds three different rig types. RigtRect which is a shape layer rectangle spanning between two controller objects. RigtSource that lets you stretch your layers between two controllers, and  RigtFill, that constrains proportions while fitting the content of your layer into a rigged rectangle.

Native Expressions.

RigtRect works with native After Effects rigs based on expressions and shape layers. Which comes in quite handy when you create Motion Graphics Templates (.mogrt) or collaborate with others who don’t have the script installed.

Check out RigtRect to learn more.