How to Use Houdini POPs for Secondary Effects

Hristo Velev has a look at how to make POPs bounce in Houdini.

POPs are relatively simple to use and pretty standard in a lot of workflows. However, according to Hristo Velev, they may also be overlooked. Hristo says that while POPs a staple in VFX production for secondary effects, it becomes essential to take complete control over them. However, controlling them is not always so straight forward.

How to Easily Control POPs

Hristo looks at ways to take complete control over creating a POPs bounce animation. The tutorial covers things like how to diversify speed, and control the bounce and direction of the particles. You can also download the scene file to follow along with the tutorial.

About Hristo Velev

Hristo Velev is a founder at Bottleship VFX, a boutique that specializes in dynamic effects in Bulgaria.